I am now in the last stage of my PhD and as I am writing up my thesis, natural questions arise: What will I do next? What kind of career should I aspire to?

If you asked me these questions just 2 years ago, I would have answered that I want to have an academic career, doing research and probably becoming a professor. However, the longer I was in research, the more I realized that I need a dynamic, faster-paced environment. I would also like to dedicate myself to producing something with real immediate impact on the world and people outside of academic communities. I still love research and all the patience that goes into a long process of understanding a complex problem. I am not even tired of my research topic! Because I love it so much, it took me 5 years of doing it to realize that I need a change and a new challenge! So, what is that new challenge going to be? Well, I have been doing my homework of self-reflecting, seeing what’s out there and comparing it to my skills and aspirations. I can’t say I have a definite answer as to what I will do after my PhD, but I have found my first step: figuring out how business and management can lead me to finding my place in industry. This might seem like a big leap, but it is in fact just a simple redirection of who gets to benefit from my work. I believe that learning about the principles of business and management will help me understand what I can provide with my knowledge and for whom! To get myself started on this journey, I began taking an online course about the basics of project management at Project Management Institute (https://www.pmi.org).

I am really excited about this new chapter in my career!

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