I started a new Medium publication called “Language Explained”, where I and other linguists will write about everything you ever wanted to know about how language works!

This publication is open to contributions from other linguists, whether they are students, scholars or other professionals. Get in touch by leaving a comment here or on my other social media if you want to contribute!

An excerpt from the first article:

“We will regularly publish articles on diverse topics in linguistics, written for a general audience, with one aim in mind: to celebrate the diversity and the slick beauty of language systems all around the globe!

We will not bore you to death by explaining linguistic terminology in excruciating detail. We will focus on what’s interesting about linguistics in an easy-to-understand language.

Keep in mind that we are scientists and we are always on the lookout for general principles with maximum explanatory power. Instead of lengthy descriptions of individual languages, expect more general pieces that target discovering the very basic rules by which language is used, processed, and influenced. We will ask questions like:

  • How do languages differ from each other and why?
  • Does grammar make languages easier or harder to learn (or both?)?
  • Why and how does language change over time?
  • What can language tell us about deep human history?
  • What happens when languages come in contact?
  • What can you learn if you do linguistic fieldwork?
  • and many many others”

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