I finally made a YouTube channel where I will be occasionally publishing my talks and materials for my students. This video is a summary (despite the lengthy 50 minutes) of my PhD thesis, presented at the University of Melbourne in the format of a completion talk, which is the Australian friendly version of what would be a PhD defense in Europe. In case you are interested in getting the overview of the main findings about tense, mood, aspect* in Nafsan (Vanuatu), and you don’t have time to read my even lengthier thesis, click on the link above! Now you can also check out one of my previous posts about linguistic fieldwork and perfect aspect in a video format.

*This topic will be of special interest to anyone working on description of tense, mood, aspect because many fieldwork and corpus methods are explored in detail, realis and irrealis mood and their relation to future tense and modality, perfect aspect and its interactions with lexical aspect, perfect vs. perfective, semantic maps of mood and aspect, the meaning of iamitives and already, and anyone working on Oceanic and Austronesian languages, as there are additional Oceanic languages covered together with Nafsan.

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